Friday, March 9, 2012

Top Ten Award and New Student

I am super thrilled to have gotten my 1st award. Beth Ann from Taming My Flock of Firsties, gave me the Top Ten Award. Thanks Beth Ann, you made my day!

Now to find ten bloggers to share the Award.

I love the ideas that Alessia comes up with!

I am a new follower to Arianne, and I am loving what I have seen so far!

Lory has super cute activities!

Lindsey created the cutest Super E (CVCe) unit!

I am a new follower of Tangelia at Buggy in Kindergarten. She is a fellow TN blogger!

Mrs. Nunley is another new blog I am following!

I love Randi's ideas!

I recently enjoyed Barbie's Write the Room Post!

I love her blog design!

Kelly is a new blogger and I am enjoying her posts!

Please check these wonderful blogs out for fresh new ideas.

Onto school news. I received my newest Student on Thursday. This has been a tough year for me as I have had the revolving door of kindergarten. I have had 7 new students and 6 students leave. Sadly three of the six fit both groups. It is hard getting new students all the time. I have to get more organized, because it takes me forever to get the new student all the things we use in our classroom. Please share your secrets on what you do to prepare for new students.


Ms. Kerri's Krazy Kindergarten

My room has been the same way. I started the year with 15 and then got 3 new students and then lost 5 students and gained 3 new ones. It's been quite the revolving door. I use a binder system with my students. So I try to keep the papers that go in there all in one place. But I don't have a fabulous system and hope someone has a great method. I've seen on some blogs ziplock baggies with all the new student materials in it.

Buggy In Kindergarten

Thanks so much for the award! It means a lot to receive it! As far as students coming in and getting them organized, at the beginning of the year I made extra packets for parents, this has come in handy a lot as I have had 4 new students this year (2 of them which have already moved to a new school). I also made sure to have extra supplies in case they came in without supplies. These two tips that came from other teachers have been the tips that have really helped me out.

Mrs. Alexis

Thanks for checkin me out! Thanks for following. You seem to be a pro at this blogging thing now...I hope to get there soon!


It's tough having students leave and new ones join the class throughout the year. It's hard to build community, as well as reteaching all the routines and getting all the supplies ready. You know, that as soon as you have a box somewhere all set up with supplies for new students, you won't get any more that year! My best one was when a student joined our class for the last 2 weeks of the school year.

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