Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bday Giveaway Winner

I am so excited to announce the winner of my first giveaway a $10.00 Target Gift Card! I am thrilled to share some love on my bday! Thanks to everyone who entered. 

The winner is #8. (I have no idea why it is not showing the resulted number.) (((SORRY)))

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! 

I will be emailing you in a few!

So, I just have to share a few moments of my day with you. I have a teething 16 month old, so she was up most of the night and would not go back to sleep. I typically tend to her myself and let my hubby sleep, but after being up with her off and on for 2 1/2 hours, I gave up and pulled the it's my birthday and I need some sleep card and sent daddy to fight with her. 

I get bday loving from my girls this morning and when I get them to school the oldest proceeds to tell her teachers it's mommy's birthday. So I get happy birthday's from her teachers and then my oldest says, "We are going to Cracker Barrel for supper." I ask her if her daddy knows about this and her reply was no we have to tell him. The teachers ask why Cracker Barrel and her response was so they will sing to mommy then give her ice cream. Can you tell where she has been on her bday? Anyways, once I leave daycare, I text her daddy to tell him of her plan and he agrees it sounds great and of course I agree, so we proceeded to travel to Cracker Barrel for supper tonight. I love my family!

At school, my fellow teachers and our two assistants decided that we would have fresh grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream sandwich cake for lunch. I loved it! Somehow a few weeks ago when we all were sick, I had discussed how I love grilled cheese and hence a great lunch was produced today!

I got some hilarious cards which made my day. BTW it's my 30th and I am the youngest in my grade level and tend to give a fellow teacher a hard time she is only 37, but still when we talk about the when we were in school it's always fun to poke at how I don't remember that or something along those lines. So needless to say the cards were priceless as I am having to face the fact that I am no longer 20 something:) 

My sweet kiddos at school had a ball all day long. I thought I had escaped my assistant's birthday spanking ritual, since she was not in my room at snack time today, but right as we were preparing for snack she comes in and they all had to sing happy birthday and she had to give me my bday spankings. It was fun listening to the kids try to decide how many I got (50, 1000, 23, etc) Luckily for my bottom, my assistant decided I needed 5 just like most of them get on their bdays and one to grow on! The kids LOVED this part. 

So with all that being said..... 
I am curious as to how your birthday activities go when your birthday falls on a school day and the kids know about it. 

Please share!


Kelly B aka Queen Bee!

Yay! Thank you so much!


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I can't wait til the 14th!

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