Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Handwriting help NEEDED!!!!!!

So, as I start looking at the calendar and planning what I need my kiddos to be working on to make sure they are as prepared for 1st grade as I can, I come to a sad realization:( Overall I feel this year's class is leaps and bounds ahead of other classes I have sent on to 1st grade. Since I became a blogger and see what other k kiddos are doing, it has moved me to push my students harder. My kids are reading daily and doing a wonderful job at it. They can draw decent pictures and write sentences to match it. In math they are able to complete most of the problems I give with minimal assistance, I am VERY happy with the classes overall progress.

Now with that said I have a handful of students who I can't for the life of me get to write neatly. Some are boys and some are girls. I have tried having them sit out of play centers in the afternoon and redo the work, but it still comes out sloppy. This group of kids honestly could care less. I have taken centers away and it still has no effect. 

I have to admit that I probably haven't pushed them as hard as I should have, but now as I everything we do, makes me think are they ready for first I am about to scream. I know the 1st grade teachers will kill me if I send these students onto 1st writing as horrible as they do. I KNOW they can write better, but they are my rushers who rush through everything and could care less if they have to do it over again. The next time they still don't do any better. I am at my wits end on what to do to make them CARE and want to be a neater writer. 

Please if you have ANY suggestions on how you promote quality handwriting in your classroom please share. I need any help I can get at this time:) Thanks.



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