Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

It has been a wild two weeks for me, 1st the daughter diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, we are getting used to our new daily routines and picking out foods she can eat, and checking everything and taking insulin and everything is all good. Then the 2 yr old gets RSV last Thursday, she gets to stay with the inlaws since she is running a fever and we don't want the 6 year old catching anything if at all possible. Fast forward to Monday and the 6 yr old is coming down with something. Her sugar is high indicating an infection of some kind. Leave school early to take her to dr, she now has RSV. So I take off yesterday to stay home with her. Kinda thankful though cause due to the extreme amounts of rain we have experienced the past few days and no end in sight, school dismissed at 10:30 yesterday, I hate early dismissal days, kids go crazy, some leave earlier, have to wait on buses from our other school to run before they get to us. It's a headache anyway you look until they are all gone, then you get to go home. So I was happy to be home while all that was going on yesterday. 

Today we are out again due to flooding over 40 roads in the county I live in are impassible and the rain is STILL coming down. The way it looks we could possibly be out tomorrow as well. 

Anyways so what I have been up to when I have been in class. I have been implementing more partnerships since coming back in January. The kids are loving it. I still have students who are confusing the difference between author and illustrator, so I had a thought to make an anchor chart to help them. 

I paired them up and had them work together to create a sentence that the one being the author could write and the other being the illustrator could illustrate. It turned out great.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am NOW a mommy to a Type 1 Diabetic 6 yr old!

So my life has been turned upside down since lunch last Friday. My daughter had been constantly drinking and would down a drink in no time, then started getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. We finally decided to get her a dr. appt to see what was going on. Well I decided to google extreme thirst is children....and the only thing that came up was juvenile diabetes. I was thinking I hope that's not what this is but we will see. 
So Friday morning I call and make her an appt for 3:00 that afternoon. Well one of our teachers is a gestational diabetic and I passed her in the hallway and asked if I could borrow her blood sugar checker to see what my daughter's was before she went to lunch. I knew it wouldn't be very accurate, but thought I will have a number before she eats and then they can do it again at the dr. office and compare it. Sadly we didn't make it that far. 
When I checked her at lunch, she was 516! I was a gestational diabetic with my 2nd child, and knew that was a high number, but it didn't dawn on me how high it was till I went and told the school nurse. The look on her face confirmed my fear. I lost it, right there in the middle of the school office! She finally got me settled down enough to call the dr. office back. I told them what was going and and was told get her to the ER now!!!! Of course that got me going all over again. My little girl has a chance of having a lifestyle change and there is nothing I can do about it. When I finally get settled down the 2nd time. I got my things and her things and off we go to the ER. 
I called her daddy on the way there and told him what all was going on. I had mentioned Type 1 diabetes to him the night before, so it wasn't out of the blue. He pulled in right before I did. Once we filled out the initial paperwork, they immediately called back to the ER and told them they had a 6 year old with blood sugar of 516. I knew right then that this is not good. We sat maybe two minutes and were called back. When the Dr. comes in and introduced himself and then started with "She has Type 1 Diabetes." My heart stopped, I couldn't believe my ears. But you didn't test for anything else? Is what I wanted to say...but nothing came out. He said they would start an IV and he would contact our family Dr. to see where she wanted to send us, since the nearest pediatric diabetic Dr. is an hour and a half away. 
Thankfully, my daughter was medically stable enough that we were discharged and told to drive to the Children's Hospital where the closest pediatric diabetic doctors were. That enabled us to go by home, get some clothes, and activities for her to play with cause we didn't know how long we would be there or anything. 
We finally arrived and went through the triage pretty quickly since the hospital we had already visited had sent paperwork and they were anticipating our arrival. She was placed back on IV for fluids and given her 1st insulin shot. She did great not a flinch, nothing. Which made it so much easier on mommy and daddy. We finally got a room upstairs around 9:00 that night. She received another two insulin shots that night followed by dropping too low at 2 a.m. due to the overlapping of the insulin. 
The next day we met with the diabetic educator and a nutritionist who explained some of everything we had to learn. I was so impressed with my baby girl. When it was time for a blood sugar check she would have her finger stuck out and already be pointing to where she wanted her insulin to go in. She tricked a few nurses who couldn't believe she was a newly diagnosed diabetic. That makes for one proud mommy and daddy. Plus it made it much easier on us. 
We had to have 2 days of teaching and they didn't teach on Sunday, so we finished on Monday and came home that night. 
We kept her at home on Tuesday, wanting to make sure we could handle checking her sugar and giving insulin before sending her to school. We had a good day. 
Wednesday was our first day back....all I can say is I am super happy that I work there because I don't know if I could have handled not knowing how she was doing. Thankfully for me she is three doors down the hall. She had a good morning, but dropped before lunch, so we had to check and give a quick snack. The rest of the day went well. Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. She dropped before lunch. I am talking to the Dr. tomorrow about adding a morning snack so she won't get so low before lunch.
This is my new life. She gets checked four to five times a day(right now we are still checking in the middle of the night) and she gets insulin shots four times a day. She is a trooper, she has struggled with it some since coming home, but I know there are going to be good days and bad days, and we will have every kind of emotion possible, but in the end I am extremely thankful that it is something that can be managed!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Currently

I can't believe it's January already. The school year is half over. I am linking up for my favorite linky ever!!! It's Farley's Currently. So here you go.

I am listening to the Florida State Seminoles go into halftime with a slight lead of 14-3. Was hoping it would be bigger so I could go to bed. 

I had the best shopping spree ever a few days ago. I went to Maurices and racked up. I received an email saying clearance was 75% off, so I thought I would check it out since I had gotten a $25 gift card from my mom for Christmas. Well while I was going through the purse finding the gift card I also found a coupon for 15% off total purchase clearance included. I was very excited. So in I go knowing anything I found on clearance was 90% off! I tried on a ton of clothes, I finally decided on 5 dressy shirts, one blazer, a pair of black dressy capri's, a red skirt that I would typically not even think about getting but for less than $5, why not give it a try. So I go to checkout and what do I find in my purse......a $10 off coupon from where I have used my Maurice's Take Ten card. So 90% off and $10 off, and my $25 gift card, I only shelled out $1.75. I was an extremely happy girl!

I go back to school tomorrow, and am very excited to see my 19 kiddos. I love spending time off with my girls, but I am not a stay at home mommy for a reason. It drives me crazy, not having a schedule.

I do not make new year's resolution's due to the fact I have never been successful at them. I do attempt to make goals for myself and have a better chance doing them longer than resolutions. So this year I want to be more organized: at home, at school, my calendar, you name it. I want organization. We will see how well that comes.

I am needing SNOW. I know some of you have already had a ton, but my entire break was rainy, dreary, and cold, but not cold enough! Last year, I think we only used about 3 of our snow days at school. I would love to use around 10. No more though, as we have a couple days without kids towards the end of the year, and I don't want more than we have, since that resulted in Saturday School two years ago. So I need snow also so my girls can play in it. We didn't get to last year because of sickness. 

OLW: LISTEN I want to be a better listener to my girls, to my hubby (who swears I never listen to him, and is mostly right), to my kids at school so I can learn more about them, to my friends cause I don't have that many and I need to be a better friend, so I feel listening will get me there faster, to nature. I want to take more hikes and bike rides with the family this year and I want to hear my surroundings. I am lucky enough to live just outside the Great Smokey Mountains, and I want to teach my girls to listen to nature, because we never know how much longer we will have it. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed this month's Currently like I do every month, but it being January it puts certain topics into perspective. Thanks Farley!

Now it's your turn... What are you Currently up to?