Sunday, March 24, 2013

Benchmark Literacy

My district is up for a new reading series next year, after careful consideration, the committee chose to go with what they believe will be the best choice for our district over the next six years. 

I have taken the sample my grade level received to dig into. I am LOVING it! It was described to us at a meeting recently as everything we use to back up what we currently use. If you take Comprehension Toolkit for Reading, Words Their Way for word study, and Lucy Calkins Units of Study for writing, you get Benchmark Literacy! 

I am eager to learn more and hopefully, if the board approves, we should have training and receive some of our materials the week after school. So just curious is anyone else familiar with Benchmark Literacy? If so I would LOVE to hear about it. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My 100th Post

Wow I can't believe that I have made 100 posts on my little ole blog. So what a great day to make this post. It's a SNOW DAY here in EAST TN. I was thankful my system called for a two hour delay, before deciding to close. Sadly the system that I live in was not so smart at decision making this morning. This is what I woke up to.

Yes that is a bus with 5-7 students already on it, stopped outside my house. I heard him and had to get up to see what was going on. Luckily I live on a dead end road, he was stopped over 5 minutes. I couldn't figure out what was going on. Then seen on FB where the county was closed! Honestly buses already out picking up students and had to turn around and take them home. So he goes on down the road turns around and heads to take the students back. I am hopeful that all students and buses made it safely back home.

So enough of my crazy morning on to my blog post!

A goal for me is to start taking more pics of things I am doing in my classroom. So this post is going to be pics of a writing activity my students did last week with a sub while I was away at a behavior training two day class. Hence this being left for me to look at gave me a reason to take the pictures. Most of the time I check it and it goes home. So here goes!

We were learning about Dr. Seuss and this writing activity was if I crossed ____ with a ____, I would get a ____. I had no idea how they would do since they were with a sub who is new to subbing and NEVER been in kindergarten before. But they did GREAT!

Here are some of them:

cat and panda bear = catabear

And this is my favorite:

LOL! Too funny!

So do you ever mess with any of your coworkers? I have one who we have a history that I love to get. And a few weeks ago was just another addition to our story!

A quick look at our history:
2006: He was asst principal when I was pregnant with my daughter six years ago. I went into early labor and as he states almost had her on his desk!

2010: I am pregnant with my 2nd daughter and due within 2 weeks. He is now a teacher in  the building, but acting principal when the principal and asst principal are both out of the building. So on this day, he is acting principal. A coworker's daughter had just given birth days ago and brings in her daughter for us all to see. Of course that gives me a great idea. I go to the school nurse and devise a plan. I lay down on the table and cover up with a white sheet. The office calls to him and says he needs to get to the office because Mrs. Shelton is having labor pains. Of course him knowing my history of early birth, he comes running. Around the corner and the nurse has the newborn of the coworker in her arms saying..... your a little late. He is white as a ghost and takes a min to realize that we are messing with him. I thought it was the best prank EVER....he thinks it's the cruelest. 

Fast forward to the week of Valentine's Day. He is acting principal twice during the week. I try and try to think of something to get him with and NOTHING! Until I find out that we are getting two cows hearts to show our kinders. This happens to be the day after Valentine's Day and he is back in his classroom. After we discuss and touch the heart, I with help, place it in a container and find out when he is going to be out of his room. With multiple people helping me get this done. It happens. He returns to class to find this on his desk.

The wrapped cow's heart with note stating...This heart used to beat for you!

He goes next door, asking a coworker did you receive a gift, she says no, what are you talking about. He says come look. She thinks it's hilarious, because she knows all about it. He blames his other coworkers. I was kinda shocked. He knew I was after him all week and it wasn't till later I was a suspect. He questioned numerous people to see if they were involved and they passed his test even though they were in on it too! 

Needless to say the next week he randomly pops into my room to say Hello! Now I am on the lookout because I know payback is coming!