Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

It has been a wild two weeks for me, 1st the daughter diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, we are getting used to our new daily routines and picking out foods she can eat, and checking everything and taking insulin and everything is all good. Then the 2 yr old gets RSV last Thursday, she gets to stay with the inlaws since she is running a fever and we don't want the 6 year old catching anything if at all possible. Fast forward to Monday and the 6 yr old is coming down with something. Her sugar is high indicating an infection of some kind. Leave school early to take her to dr, she now has RSV. So I take off yesterday to stay home with her. Kinda thankful though cause due to the extreme amounts of rain we have experienced the past few days and no end in sight, school dismissed at 10:30 yesterday, I hate early dismissal days, kids go crazy, some leave earlier, have to wait on buses from our other school to run before they get to us. It's a headache anyway you look until they are all gone, then you get to go home. So I was happy to be home while all that was going on yesterday. 

Today we are out again due to flooding over 40 roads in the county I live in are impassible and the rain is STILL coming down. The way it looks we could possibly be out tomorrow as well. 

Anyways so what I have been up to when I have been in class. I have been implementing more partnerships since coming back in January. The kids are loving it. I still have students who are confusing the difference between author and illustrator, so I had a thought to make an anchor chart to help them. 

I paired them up and had them work together to create a sentence that the one being the author could write and the other being the illustrator could illustrate. It turned out great.


Laura Starnes

Love it! What a great idea. We did early dismissal yesterday, but because parents knew about it before coming to school, I only had 8 kiddos, so it wasn't as bad. Plus our admin stays with the ones who aren't picked up on time. Hope the weather clears up soon, but you'll probably be getting all of the freezy yucky stuff that we just got done with yesterday.



Sorry to hear about your sick children! And I am sure that your family is having an adjustment with diabetes!

And yes, early dismissals are ,,,,interesting!

1st Grade Rocks

Love the chart my friend!!!

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