Friday, February 1, 2013

High/Low Linky

First of all don't you just love it when you have already gotten out of bed, showered and then you get the call or text that school is closed or delayed or something. Well yes that happened to me this morning! I tried to stay in bed because I was certain we were going to close. It snowed last night and here in East TN, that means no school if you teach in a county system. Waited....waited.....and nothing. So up I go and into the shower. Only to get out and hear the phone beep. I know without even looking what it is going to say. So instead of crawling back into bed, I am up and working on this. 

I found a wonderful new linky party to celebrate the end of the month. I love Farley's Currently which is always at the beginning and now we have a linky that reflects on how the past month went. Katie at Teacher to the Core has began this new one. You tell what your highs for the month were and what your lows for the month were. So here are mine!

~ Meeting a new parent of a 6 year old who was diagnosed last year with Type 1 diabetes. It's great to find someone who truly understands what you are going through.
~Hubby got a new job at work. Which means pay increase and six to seven days a week or 10-12 hours a day during busy season.

~ Daughter diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes
~CRAZY weather

My low this month was finding out my six year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It has flipped my world upside down and we quickly went from everything is normal, to having to count carbs, check blood sugars 4-5 times a day, and giving her 4 shots of insulin at meal times and bedtime. 

I was very, very fortunate that I was vaguely familiar with Type 1 Diabetes. Six years ago I had a student who was on the insulin pump. So I knew about watching what she ate, and a few of the symptoms of if she went high or low. Plus I was a gestational diabetic with my 2nd child, so I knew about checking blood sugars. 

But even knowing all of that, I still have a lot to learn. We are now 3 weeks in and she is doing fabulous. She checks her own sugars and is already learning how to look for carb numbers on packages to determine if she can or can't have it. I hate that my little girl has in a sense had to grow up so fast, but she has made everything that much better on mommy and daddy because she is doing so well. 

~ My 2nd low is the crazy weather we have been experiencing in East TN. Two weeks ago we dismissed at 12 for flooding on Tuesday, was closed on Wednesday for flooding, went to school on Thursday only to be dismissed early again but this time due to fast moving snow coming in, and then were out on Friday due to snow.
Last week, we were out for Martin Luther King day on Monday and on Friday was out due to ICE. It was nasty outside. Everything was coated in ICE. 
Now this week on Wednesday we were under Tornado Watch for most of the day, high wind advisory, and now today we are out again for SNOW! 

Add all that together with the days I missed school with my daughter(3) and I don't feel like I have been back to school since Christmas break!

So anyways there are my ramblings about my highs and lows for the month. Hoping next month I have better highs than lows! Go on over to Katie's Teacher to the Core page to read others and link up your own. She is also asking you do Farley's rule of 3. Look at two in front of you and one who posts after you. I am going to check others now!



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