Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Already!

I can't believe it's March already. Since we came back to school in January, school has seemed to drag on since we haven't had but one snow day, and yet it's MARCH!

I love the fact that my bday is at the end of the month and most of the time we are on Spring Break, sadly this year we don't get break till April 6th.

I do not like that March has came in like a Lion with the storms that attempted to come through East TN last night and this morning, and they are calling for more bad weather tomorrow:(

I do like that March typically means warmer weather is on the way, granted us having temps in the 50-70's in Feb. not sure what that will mean in March. I LOVE that we SPRING forward with our clocks and get an extra hour of daylight!

Now onto the school portion of this post. I have a LOVE/HATE feeling about it being March. I am buckling down on my students trying to get them as ready as I can for first grade. I am finding out that some students seem to know what they are doing, but yet they have no clue. I have a group this year that is LAZY. I know they CAN, but they WON'T. It is very frusrtating when you know that they are not ready for first and yet they know too much to stay in kindergarten. I hope that we get new report cards next year to go along with the common core, and that parents will more easily see their child is not ready for first grade. 

I will be sending home my rest mats tomorrow! This excites me and saddens me. I love that we will no longer be resting because I can use that time working more with students preparing for first grade, and most of my kids are not very good resters to begin with. I hate that I lose that quiet time that I assess my students whether it be on the computer DEA testing or report card testing or getting students to read to me during that time.

So my question to you is does your system have rest time in kindergarten?
If they do, do you phase it out by the end of the year, or keep it all year?

With us going to common core next year, I could totally see us getting rest time potentially taken away so we could focus more on academic areas. So would love to hear your comments on rest in Kindergarten.



We don't have any rest time, but we are dismissed at 2:00 pm. Next year our district is planning to extend the school day so we'll know soon whether or not that would happen...yikes!!

Color Me Kinder

Ms. Kerri's Krazy Kindergarten

We are still technically a half day kindergarten. I have about 5 students that leave at 12:30 and the rest stay all day. It's so weird and I wish they all stayed because I get more done. Even if they stayed just an hour more a day. We rest every afternoon but we start shortening the rest time this time of year and eventually I don't do it anymore. It just depends on the kids. I still have some that sleep soundly and then I have some that never sleep and drive me crazy the whole time. We've already switched to common core and our report card matches in math but not as much in reading. It's interesting. I have my kids again for first grade next year so it's a little easier for me in the getting ready department.

Kristin Young

Oh man. I don't know how you do it. I give major props to any K teacher with a rest time...or half day program!! We teach all day, full day, no breaks except for one 30min recess and one 30-45minute special area class. It would be a super rough transition and you'll probably have some sleepers during your reading time this week! {bless their little hearts!!}

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