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An area in my classroom that I have always wanted to do better is Poetry!

My problem is I do really good with it and the kids love it while I have poems ready, but once I forgot to find a poem for the week, it all falls apart and I never seem to get started again. Last year sad to say my kids had about 3 poems in their poetry journal. It hurts me to know that I am not using this teaching tool to it's fullest advantage!

This year. I already have planned my beginning of the year poems, because my kinder teachers and myself are working collaboratively and doing a color a week and the color song is going to be the first set of poems. It will help teach them how to read the color words. One teacher did it last year and all most all of her kids could read the color words by the end of the color study units!

So the other teachers and I are jumping on board with her to celebrate a color a week and get our students to learn their color words more quickly!

BUT...... my problem will start when we run out of colors! I have a poem here or there that I love and use every year, but I don't have many other poems ready.

My question to you is where do you find your poems you use in class? 

My kids will be using poetry journals where they will paste the poem and then have to illustrate it and highlight certain letters or words. Their poetry journals will go in their book boxes so it can be utilized during Read to Self or Read to Someone.

Please share your poetry knowledge with me! 



Ms. Kerri

I googled some topics that we were covering and found some that way. Jodi Southard has some good units on TPT that have poems. During Dr. Seuss week I took a couple of his books and made them their poems. We did a poem a week for homework starting in January. This year I want to have a poetry book for the kids to read during read to self time.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Heather S.

Hello!! I have nominated you for a couple awards. Come over to my blog and check them out at Teaching Through Turbulence. Congrats!

Heather S.

Learning with Mrs. Brinn

I love having a poem a week with my students. I have collected many throughout the years. I'd be glad to share if you need any on a particular topic. If you visit my site, I have one on watermelon- it's on a chart. I share them that way, and then they illustrate one for their own poetry folder. Meish Goldish had many nonfiction ones that I adore. I got some from Mailbox magazines. Online there are lots.

Learning With Mrs. Brinn

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