Tuesday, May 29, 2012


So like many of you I have been completely overwhelmed with the end of the school year chaos, that I have neglected my little ole blog! I have taken a TON of pictures and when I get a project I am correctly working on completed, I intend to post all my end of the year activities we did! Worms, kindergarten kickball, butterfly release, class photos, and my little one's prek Graduation pics. I can't wait to share. 

So now off to finish my plans for a county kindergarten workshop I was asked to present for. Yay! me don't you love presented in front of your peers from other schools. Yeah well not me! But when you get a professional development hours for it why not. Plus it's a challenge and it is making me create things for my classroom that I have wanted to, but haven't slowed down to do. So I get to knock out a few birds with one stone! 

The big question now is 

go to on another project? 


Ms. Jessica

It always seems to happen at the home stretch! I felt the same way last week! I actually have this week off so I'm catching up on blogging. Then, back to five more weeks of school!

And that age old question of work or sleep... it's always the hardest to answer!!!
A Turn to Learn

Kelley Dolling

Jessica nailed it on the head . . . why is it that it is so hard for teachers to make the decision to put work down for a moment?? That's why I love the job - it's that "crazy" that keeps me going. Pop in for a visit when things slow down.

Kelley Dolling
Teacher Idea Factory


Hey East Tn friend! I say put it down and go to I'm saying that because I'm trying to convince myself I should be doing the same thing!!
So happy you stopped by my blog tonight. It's nice to have a 'hometown' girl I can chat with. Good luck with your K workshop! :-)
Keep in touch!

Jessica Stanford

Thanks for the comment on my guest blog! If you want to find out how I got the set of ball chairs you can check out my newest post :)

Jessica Stanford

S. Simpson

Decision, decisions...sleep or work on another project??? My vote work on a project. I'm glad I found your blog today. Looking forward to reading some more in the future.



Thanks for finding my blog. I just had to turn around and come check out yours :)
Basket of Books


WoW! I'm not the only one faced with that tough decision! Work? Sleep? Blog? Pin? Those are my tough, late night questions! lol.
I'm a new follower, can't wait to see what's in store! =)
Kindergarten Schmindergarten

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