Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What a week!

So this week is state testing in my school. I am fortunate to teach K and don't have to take them. ALL other grades take them and this year the student's scores account for 25% of the students grade! I am not at all a big fan of that. Some kids are not good test takers and for a standardized test to be that big of a deal on the report card, I personally think it's wrong! So I feel for everyone in my school taking the test. And of all days, we have had the power go out during the test not once but twice! The power has not went off much at all this year, and the weather is BEAUTIFUL, so no real reason for it to go off! Anyways it goes off and I cringe thinking of the teachers and students who begin to panic due to this circumstance.

I am again thankful NOT to have to do state testing, but I dislike this week very, very, very much. Our schedule is completely different. We go outside in the morning prior to lunch, so we don't have to fight big kids for outside time in the afternoon when they are not testing. Then we only get 30 min planning instead of our usual 52. That time FLIES by! Then I have my kids from 12:30 to 3:15 by myself. I haven't seen my assistant at all except the little break she gives herself from proctoring the test and cleaning the bubble sheets of the little kids who test. Luckily my classroom shares a bathroom with another K teacher, so when you realize it's 1:00 and you haven't been to the bathroom ALL day, we open the doors, watch each other's room and go.

And trying to keep 19 kindergartens silent in the hallway is just near impossible!!!!!! But they have done super well with it. One more day and we can move on to less stressful activities to finish the year.

On the bright side we are down to 11 1/2 days! Now out of those I have a field trip on one day, three afternoons of musical play practice, AdvancED Team coming to my school and I have to TALK to them ( yeah  kinda nervous about that part and I am typically a very calm person, but when it is something this BIG and they have me on the group to talk, it worries me) And forgot to mention I talk to them just before I leave to go on my field trip! YAY me! Thankfully though it will be over and I can enjoy the farm! Now back to the crazy schedule..... three inservice days without kids, kindergarten end of the year program and picnic, our annual kindergarten pancake breakfast the last full day of school, and 2 hours the final day to pick up report cards and send them to summer and first grade! I am sure I probably left something out, but I am sure your list is just as long or longer.

And none of that had anything to do with end of the year paperwork to make sure is complete!

I am looking forward to posting this weekend about our week in the classroom this week. We studied worms and the kids have LOVED it! I even remembered to take some pics, so can't wait to share. Enjoy the rest of your week. I have tomorrow and a personal day on Friday when me and the hubby are going to Dollywood!

Well I am off to bed. 



We just finished testing last week! WooHoo! I teach first grade and we do testing (private school) even our poor kindergarteners test. This week fun project work. I am your newest follower. Stop by and say hi!
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The change in schedule blows us away!
You have A LOT of stuff coming up!!!

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I feel your pain we are testing this week too! Only third and up though. 2nd took their Standford Ten last week ans 1st doesn't take anything along with us. We had an AdvancED visit a few weeks ago. They came in my room to observe, wasn't that bad. The people who talked to them also said it wasn't to bad, but I think it depends on the team. So I hope you get a good team!

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