Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Made It Linky! and Math Freebies!

I am sooo excited that Tara from 4th Grade Frolics, decided to make her Monday Made It into a Linky Party. I know I am very happy she did as it will make force me to actually do more school and home activities because I want to see and share with what everyone else is doing  accomplishing this summer! So here goes....

School~I was asked about 2 months ago if I would help with a Math Workshop for Kindergarten for my county kindergarten teachers! At first I was super thrilled to be asked and of course jump on it, only to freak out later asking.... what the heck were you thinking!!!! Me in front of my peers teaching them something, yeah right! Put me in front of a class full of 5 year olds and I can do anything, but in front of my coworkers who most have taught many more years than myself....what was I thinking. 

So I finally got over my nervous part and got down to business! I was asked to do an hour on addition and subtraction! An hour easy peasy! This workshop could be whatever I wanted or needed it to be. The other three girls decided to do a make and take activities with their math topics. Great! But me with addition and subtraction didn't really think of alot that we could do for make and take, so instead I get the bright idea to create I CAN charts for the addition and subtraction activities that I use in my classroom. I have always wanted to do more I CAN charts, but never slowed down to make them, so why not do them now! 

So I went to work, but not until school was out which gave me a whole four days prior to presenting at my class. I am the biggest procrastinator ever! But I produce things great under pressure! 

So here are my creations...... feel free to click the pic and grab if you like what you see. 

Links Addition and Subtraction I Can chart and recording sheets! This one can be differentiated! Check out Marsha from A Differentiated Kindergarten's post on Differentiated Math Stations HERE.

Roll-A-Sum I Can chart and recording sheet and a dice. 
This activity was actually created by myself and 2 coworkers when we had to present at the UpperEastTennesseeCouncilofMathematics. I just made an I Can sheet to go with the recording sheet we made.


Domino I Can chart and recording sheet. The recording sheet I found at Mrs. Plant's Press. Click here to get it.

Since I didn't need any materials purchased for my activities. I was able to get every teacher attending the book Quack and Count by Keith Baker. Our kindergarten students are required to read 5 math literature books during the school year, so I found this cute book and decided to ask for it! I made a little activity to go with it as well.

Here is another addition activity to go with the book Animals on Board by Stuart J. Murphy. We all received this book last year with our new math series.

So as you can see I have been extremely busy trying to make those! I enjoyed every bit of it, but I don't see how most of you teachers/bloggers do all the units and everything for TPT! I am extremely thankful that you do!

Home Project~ So the hubs and I worked on staining the front porch, back porch, and the girls swingset! 

As you can see the front porch and swingset completely finished:) The back porch though still a work in progress. We basically just got tired and quit to go pick up the girls from nanny's and haven't managed to get back outside and finish it!

Well as you can see I have been quite busy with school and home projects, so head on over and check out the linky party to see what everyone else has been up to this past week and join if your like me and feel that joining this linky will MAKE me be more productive this summer. 

I hope you have enjoyed what you seen or downloaded, please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought! 




Hi Heather! Thanks for linking up:)) The first one of the first one:))) Oh too funny what you said about being in front of people....I am totally the same way!!!! I am super woman/Beyonce in front of my walks an adult or if I'm asked to speak at a meeting, NOT!!!

Your activities look awesome!!! Thanks for sharing! Love the porch too!!! I am so excited about how much we are all going to get done this summer:))
4th Grade Frolics


Awwww. I remember doing fun math games when I taught kindergarten for 6 years. Now I teach 5th/6th grade -next year American History for the 1st time (biting nails). Got to figure out some fun things to do with that so they don't go to sleep! :)


Marsha M. Moffit McGuire

Heather, I'm soooooo glad you were able to use some of my ideas for differentiating your math station. Awesome!!!
A Differentiated Classroom

Will and KB's mom

Thanks for the awesome activities! Where can I get the recording sheet to go with the Roll-A-Sum?

Heather Shelton

I have loaded the Roll-A-Sum recording sheet now. Sorry thought I had it on here already.
Thanks for letting me know it was missing.


Nice blog.I am maths teacher.Please share ideas how interesting can we teach calculating mean

Mrs. Angela

Love these! Thanks so much! I also love the stain on your deck/porch/swingset. It looks great!

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