Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Teack K Question?

So I am super jealous of everyone who is going to be attending I Teach K in Las Vegas! I have wanted to go for years, but my school system does not have the funds to pay for me to go and having 2 children in daycare, I don't have much extra to put back to go on my own. Yes I know if I really, really wanted to I could find a way to put back enough for the 4 days, airfare, hotel, and food. But still that's a lot of $$$$$$$!

So I have a question for those of you who ARE going....... 

How do you pay for it? Does your school system help, are their grants available, or do you pay out of your own pocket?

If you want to comment below and share how you afford to go to do this wonderful opportunity, please do. Or if you want to share but not openly, please email me at

I recently found a coworker who like myself wants to go but can't afford it, so if we pull together and work on it, maybe next year we will be lucky enough to join you!



Mrs. Lott

If you find out any good answers, please share! I am in the same boat as you...really want to go but the school district can't pay for things like that and my own personal funds are already stretched.

Your questions may help a bunch of us out!


A lot of bloggers are in the same boat! I wish I had a good answer or resource for you, but I am just paying out of pocket. My school stopped paying for professional development years ago. I am not staying at the hotel that the coference is at, I was able to find cheaper rates elsewhere, so that saves money. I also ending up doing a Southwest Vacation deal and booked the flight and hotel together...that also saved money. I'm bring my sister and mom so we are splitting things 3 ways too. I have seen that A LOT of bloggers are only going for a couple of days, not the whole time to save money.

Growing Up Teaching

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