Friday, August 10, 2012


I can't believe it's Friday! I am super bummed that I missed my first Monday Made It with Tara this week. I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off all week long. Made some things, but never slowed down to link up. I know I have till Monday, so I might be able to make it just super late!

Sadly my summer is over. Teachers reported back to work yesterday. We do a county-wide inservice at one of the high schools and ALL teachers throughout the county attend. It's always a production and this year was Alice in Wonderland. It was ok, but not the greatest one they have done. Our guest speaker was wonderful! Sorry don't remember his name but he is a famous storyteller and his childhood teachers stories were great. Sadly I missed part of it due to an informational text I received from my youngest daughter's daycare teacher.....Don't mean to alarm you but Bree fell off the slide and is not moving her arm. Ok my 1st thought was you have got to be kidding me. It's my 1st day back to work, I am an hour away from her, and it's not the 1st time something emergency has happened my 1st day back. (5 years ago hubby went to get MRI on leg and they found a blood clot in his leg and he was rushed to the ER while I sit in a county inservice meeting.) So I get a hold of hubby who is 5 min away from Bree and is getting ready to take lunch. He is able to go get her and observes her not moving it, but is afraid to take her to ER due to all the crazy tests they would run on her (and the bill) and she is moving it a little. So I decide to stay at work. She doesn't  need to go to ER, he doesn't think it's broke or separated or anything, so why do I need to take off and come home to sit with her when he is already off and with her. Hubby doesn't like this very much. A friend put it very nicely today. He doesn't get that being a teacher is NOT a JOB, it's a lifestyle! 

Anyways I stay at school and get my mandatory bus ride over with! Yes we have to take a bus ride (typically with the students on the bus, but this year the principal loves us and let us go all together on our roughest bus to see where the students live.) It's very eye opening to see where some of the students come from and changes your viewpoint on them. The bus was so packed we were sitting 3 to a seat. I dislike the high back seats on buses now, it's no wonder the kids don't sit down. They want to see! I volunteered to stand and let another teacher sit with me and my k friend! Plus it was nice because I got the wind in my hair and could see!!!!!! 

While waiting on the bus to get there, I get news that a teacher who has moved to another school wants her bookcase back that I have borrowed. I lost it!!!!!! Hubby is upset that I chose to stay at work and now 3 days before open house I am losing a bookcase that I already have full and placed very nicely in my room. And my baby is hurting with a sore arm. Yep into the bathroom tears rolling! I get myself settled down and return to waiting on the bus.

When we returned to school my fellow kindergarten teachers approached our assistant principal to attempt to get a substitute for our TBA Kindergarten teacher that has a full class but no teacher. Last year we were in the same boat and didn't get a teacher until a week after school started. It's not anything new to us, we have been open 5 years and 3 of the 5 we have needed a teacher not to get one till after school starts. 
He tells us to give him till tomorrow and if we don't have one he will find a way to get a sub! 

After this I am suppose to go back to my room and work, but I head home to check on my baby!

Fast forward to today and I decided that today was going to be my 1st day back since yesterday was horrible! It turned out great. About 2 hours into meetings, a lady walks up and speaks to our principal. The principal points for Kindergarten teachers to join her. I get super excited.....could it be.....a teacher for us!!!!! YES!!!!! WE have a teacher....a no experience fresh out of college teacher! WE are all very happy now. We return to the meeting and of course we are kindergarten we start clapping to inform everyone we have a new teacher! So the rest of my day was spent mostly talking to her and filling her brain with way to many things to process. She seems super nice and is very excited to be in our school! So once I finally make it to my room to actually work it's 4:00. We have Open House on Sunday, so at this point it becomes start shoving everything in the closet to HIDE!!!!! I can say that my room looks ready I have a few minor things I want to do tomorrow, but it will be ready! I am very excited to start a new year of teaching kindergarten! I am going to have a very GOOD year. 

So if you stuck with me through my ranting thank you. I just needed to vent it out somewhere, and why not on my blog where people will understand everything I have been through.

So I WILL be taking pictures of my room tomorrow, so be looking for them. I am very happy with my color scheme and how everything has turned out that I have been making all summer. 



Bless your heart! I don't blame you at all about the ranting! My school was in the same boat as you guys because one of our K teachers transferred 2 DAYS before school started!!(We start Aug 1st) Luckily we found one the next day, and she's great! Hopefully things will turn around and I hope that your daughter's arm is OK!

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