Friday, August 3, 2012

Parent Volunteers

I am very excited about the upcoming school year! I received my class list yesterday and know some of my class due to having them in summer school! The ones I don't know could make me feel differently, but I am determined after the year I had last year to have a much better year!

I do know that I have one parent who already said in summer school, she wants to help in the classroom! This scares me!!!!!! I have never really used parents in my classroom other than every once in a blue moon. I have wanted to but never really found a way that would work for me. I know some have volunteers every day, some come in weekly, and others periodically as the parents schedules and everything allows. 

I am incorporating the Daily 5 into my room and am thinking of getting volunteers in to work with individual students, or small groups, or something! I want to use them, because I know they can be an asset if given the opportunity and they are good. It just scares me because you never know what they will leave the classroom and say or do about you. 

So this is my question to you........How do you use parent volunteers in your classroom?

Thanks for the input. I am off to school supply shop for my daughter and my classroom. It's Tax free weekend in Tennessee! 


A Teacher Without a Class

Good luck with your new kids. I am sure it will be a better year!

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