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Teaching files and A GREAT math find!

So my coworkers and I try to get together once every two weeks to discuss what each other is teaching (thematic wise). While going through our files, it is becoming VERY clear that most of the activities and items in our files are not academically appropirate for our kinders these days. Our system is changing to Common Core next year, and we are beginning to look over them now. I personally don't do very many art activites due to I don't see an educational value with most of the activities that are in my files or that I see others doing. I wish I could do more but I have to find a purpose to it:)

It bothers me that parents and other teachers assume that certain teachers do a fantastic job because they showcase student's work. For the most part a parent volunteer or assistant has previously cut out the shapes and done most of the WORK! All students have to do is glue it. Everything that is put in the hallway looks mostly the same. Writings and other work is prompted and helped with if it goes up where people can see it.

In my room it is my students actual work. Yes I help..... but 90% of it is student done. Another reason I can't do artsy is when you let students to the work it takes more time from learning. I love the activities I do, and you can clearly see what kids can and what kids can't. And it doesn't bother me, because it shows how in kindergarten ALL students are at very different levels of learning.

We recently had the county school board visit to our school and yes I actually forgot they were coming, and when I went down the hall that morning the other kinders had artsy activities up and one had writing showcased. I of course didn't want to be the only one without anything in the hall, so I took the only thing I could think to put up. I grabbed my student's writer's workshop folders and pulled from their writing. I had all different levels of writing from drawing, to labeling, to a one page story, and three pages stories. It was great listening to people comment on their work. I loved it!

So back to my original thought..... How often do you go through your teaching files and find activities that are no longer relevant to your current grade level?

I have a goal of going through ALL my files this summer and cleaning through stuff I want to hold onto but know that I can't use in my room anymore.

While at Walmart recently I scored this Dicecapades! game. Of course I could honestly care less about the game, but I am thrilled with the dice! Over 100 dice~ letter dice, dot dice, dice with 12 numbers, dice with 20 numbers, picture dice, and more! I can't wait to create some math stations to go with these dice. And the best part was it was on clearance.



I so appreciate that you do not do fluff. Unless it is educational, it is hard to justify doing things with all we are expected to cover in a year. I like all the cute stuff, but cannot give up the time for it. If we are going to spend time on it, it has to involve reading and writing for me! I'm your newest follower.
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Laura Starnes

I feel the same way. I do a few artsy things every now and then, but it has to be educational and the kiddos have to do it themselves! I'm right with you with the new standards. There is a lot of stuff that is going to be cleaned out this summer. I feel like I'm starting all over again.

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