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How'd you Meet your Hunny? Linky Party

I have joined Ms. B's not school related, but too cute linky party How'd You Meet Your Hunny?

Well I my story is rather unique and I am so happy to share with everyone. I was a Senior just graduated from HS in 2000 and our Senior Class trip was a cruise to the Bahamas. My bestie and I had decided to go and was thrilled about going on a cruise. We drove to Fort Lauderdale, FL in a 15 seater van with fellow classmates. Once there we stayed overnight in a hotel before boarding the ship the next morning. While at the hotel, I was introduced to Scottie. He was a friend of my bestie's boyfriend. A group from where they work in town had heard about our class trip to the Bahamas and had decided they would join us and we all could get cheaper rates. Six of them and 18 of us!

Well the next day we were on the cruise and talked a little, but once we got to the Bahamas, we really started talking more. We hit it off great! I assumed it was probably just a vacation deal, but was hopeful. After 6 days of beach fun, we had to go back home. We didn't see each other after we left the hotel back in Fort Lauderdale. I had the extremely long ride back to TN in the van full of people and he had a flight back home. I hoped we would be in contact once we were home, but didn't know. I thought about him alot. He had called his mom while at the hotel and told her he had met a girl and was bringing her home. Of course she went crazy then realized that I lived in the same town. Sadly we lived 5 minutes away from each other. We didn't know each other because he is 8 years older than I am.

A few days after getting home, he called and we hit it off right where we had left in the Bahamas. It was pretty mch love at first sight, we dated for a year and a half, got engaged at my parents house on Christmas in 2001. Was married in June 2002. He is my soul mate and I love him more and more every day. We have been blessed with two sweet girls Sydney (5) and Bree(1). I am so thankful I was able to go on my Senior Trip to the Bahamas and meet my Hubby! We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this summer and I would love to go back;)

I hope you enjoyed my love story, please join the party and share yours.


Ms. Chrissy B

Aw, that's a nice story. What did you do for your honeymoon? The Bahamas? Cause that would be like a circle story lol. I'm so glad you linked up! Thanks for sharing your story!!

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Amber P.

What a sweet story!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Heather Shelton

Sadly we didn't have a honeymoon, cause I was taking summer college classes. We did go to Las Vegas two years later, but I am wanting to go back to the Bahamas!


That's a great story. Thanks for all the commenting love. I'm trying to be really intentional and leave people comments. So hopefully you'll be seeing more comments from me.

Mrs. Poland

I love the story. That is so great that you actually lived in the same town!

Misty @
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Beth Ann

Such a cute story. Your kids are beautiful!
❀Beth Ann❀
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