Monday, October 21, 2013

My Truth Monday

I so need to post, want to post, but don't feel like I have anything valuable to post. And in other words, don't make the time to post. There I said it, feel a tad better, but not really.

I found a linky that I think I might be motivated to blog every Monday about. It's all about getting to know each other better. Denise over at Sunny Days in Second Grade is having a My Truth Monday series. It is 11 weeks of Monday Truths. The sad reality that at the end of the 11 weeks it will be New Year's completely struck me. My how time flies. So here goes......My Truth about fitness:

I would love to look fit rather than skinny. I am blessed that I was able to lose the weight I gained with my pregnancies, but now I have the awful baby pooch. It is typically very difficult for me to discuss this issue, because people look at me like I am crazy. I weigh 102, but am not happy with the fact that I am all bones and now on most any day look pregnant. I have to say that people talking about how skinny you are is just as bad as people who say things about big people (in my opinion). It's not like I starve myself like some people think. I eat more than my fair share on most days.

So since I have been truthful about my fitness feelings, I am going to attempt to make progress in doing something about it. I am intrigued by the new CrossFit programs that I see everywhere. No I don't want to be as fit as those who compete on the tv, but from what I have read, it is a great whole body workout. We have a new Crossfit Facility opened here locally, so I may look into starting there. Time will tell.

So want to link up and join the Truth Party! Click on the link below to find more Fitness truth stories and add your own.