Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Yes I totally feel that my little ole blog has been more than a little bit neglected. I mean come on it's only been three months since I last posted! 

Have I thought about it.........of course.

Have I meant to blog...........of course.

But what have I been up to.......well let's see. 

Finishing the school year......Check! 

I was so not happy to let my little one's leave me. They were the absolutely best class ever!

Taught summer school for upcoming kinders for a month.....Check! 

I LOVE teaching summer school! One I am not a stay at home mommy for a reason. I love my two little ones to death, but mommy doesn't like being at home for two solid months with them. Two I get quickly put back in the beginning of school mode....these kids can't write their name, can't sit and listen to a story, you name it. It makes coming back in August soooo much easier.

Took time off from anything school related......Check!

I took about two weeks off. Didn't really think about school. Yeah right totally not true...when can a teacher truly not think about school. But I didn't act on my thoughts;)

Went on a mini vacation with the family and the brother's family.......Check!

We traveled to Atlanta, GA for a three day weekend. Took the kiddos to Stone Mountain. LOVE that place. The laser light show is always my fav. I was totally bummed that they had gotten rid of the paddle boats. It was also a fav. Riding around the lake paddling your heart out. I was super sad it was gone. Took the kids to LEGOLAND. I honestly don't know who had more fun...the kids or the adults.

So now it's time to into back to school mode. I am ready for it. Once they get my floors waxed, I am off to my room to work. Hoping they finish soon, we start back August 1st and have students on the 6th. 

Well I promise it won't be three months before I decide to post again!



Caitlin Orsborne

I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Hopefully this will help you get back to your wonderful blog. :-) Hop over to my blog to check it out!


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