Sunday, February 3, 2013


It's that time again! Time for Farley's Currently. I may not always blog as much as I would like to and share what I am doing in my classroom which I honestly hope to do MORE of this year, but I try to always link up with Farley. So here goes:

Of course I am listening to the Super Bowl, but watching the commercials. So far I have loved the 1st M &M one and been absolutely disgusted by the Go Daddy one! GROSS!!!! So just seen the Taco Bell elderly commercial. LOVED IT!

Since today was the TPT SUPER Sale, I cleaned my cart out. I spent extremely TOO much money last year on TPT things, that I use most of, but not all of. So I carefully went through my cart and removed or bought what I needed. I removed WAY more than I bought. Since I have purchased for more than a year. I have most if not all the themes that I use! One thing I WISH all sellers would do would be to put I CAN cards with the activities, it's so difficult to try to make your own because you don't own the clipart to make it easy!

This month has been hard on me due to the fact that on January 4th, my six year old daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Thankfully she is a trooper and is doing great with her pricks and shots and everything. We have had to learn how to count carbs and measure food. But we are all doing great with it!

We are hoping to plan a trip back to Tybee Island, Georgia this summer. I LOVED it when we went two years ago. My only problem is we want someone to go with us, so we can enjoy a bike ride across the island a few times. So if I can get that ironed out, I can schedule the trip!

I am needing a 5 day work week. I think I calculated my actual work days in January and came up with 10. That's it. Between being off with my daughter for the Diabetes and when she got sick with RSV a week later, and the CRAZY East Tennessee weather. We have been out one day for flooding, one day for ice, and tomorrow will be day 3 for snow! Not to mention one 2 hr delay, and two early dismissals. And we were out for Martin Luther King Day. I really feel like I haven't done anything with my kiddos. We haven't had a full week since December. 

My biggest pet peeve is people who ALWAYS have something to say. It doesn't matter if they are not in the beginning of the conversation, they always have to put in their two cents. It drives me CRAZY! 

So I am heading back to Farley's page to do my Rule of 3! 




I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's diagnosis! I had gestational diabetes with my youngest son, and I know how difficult it was to care for myself, I couldn't imagine how hard it must be for a child! At least she seems like a trooper!

Robin Harris

Oh, Heather! I completely understand about your daughter's diagnosis! My son was 5 when he was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease! It was really hard learning to take care of him, and now 9 years later, I can say that we are stronger people because of it. At first, he was on tons of meds and now, just two each day! What a blessing! I will be praying for you and your family!!

Teaching Joys

I am sorry to hear about your daughter! I am glad she is a trooper! I can relate to your working 5 days! I was sick my first week back after break and had a training! So needless to say I had a lot of behaviors to fix that 2nd week!


I'm sorry that January was a rough month for you! I hope February goes a little smoother.

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