Monday, February 11, 2013

Ball Posters!

I made this post last Monday, but my phone wouldn't email all my pictures, so I took the camera to school this week and got the ones I needed to complete the post.

So today makes snow day number 5! Really I am so tired of this. I haven't worked a full week since December, between our crazy East TN weather and being off with my sick girls, not a full week. 

I live in the county next to where I teach, today they had to go on a regular schedule and we didn't go at all. I  am telling you it doesn't make sense, but I know the county I teach in did get more snow than I did, so not complaining too much.

Anyways I have a little rule that I like to go by, IF I can safely get my two year old to daycare, then she is going! I can get soooo much more done with just the six year old. And my feeling is if I am paying for it, I can send her and not feel too bad about it. I keep her home when she is sick and on some snow days, but I need a break. So off to school she went this morning. I talked the six year old into picking where she wanted to eat, IF we could go to school and I could work a few hours this morning. It worked and she did great. 

So off to school I go on a snow day. LOVE these days, I can get soooo much more done, when I am alone at school. The majority of things I accomplished this morning was hanging up stuff that should have been up awhile, but just haven't. I am sure you have those days too!?!?!?

Up first was the rest of my ball posters that my wonderful art teacher drew for me, I took home and colored, and they just got laminated last week. The kids have been looking forward to getting the rest of them up. I have one student who is one his last list. It makes me sad, cause now I have to find him more words, but I think I am going to start him reading a chapter book and see where that goes. He is bilingual and most of the time refuses to talk to me, although he is extremely smart. 

Here is a closer view of the ball posters!

Baseball and Soccer ball

Basketball and Football

Volleyball, Golf, and Tennis

Bowling, Ping Pong, and Hockey

Beach Ball

So got those babies hung up and placed the student balls on. And boy are my kids going to be excited tomorrow morning when they see them! BTW the ball words are from Marsha over at A Differentiated Kindergarten! I LOVE this. My kids are reading so much better this year, because I am introducing them to sooooo many more words! Each set of balls have 20 words! And each ball on the poster represents that student passed the ball word test. I have students all over the place and I LOVE it!

Here is a picture of the ball list on rings that I hung up, so they could have easy access to them. They are constantly working on their words. It's so nice to see. And working together!

Next on my list was to finish putting up my number wall. I am so different from most people, I only put up numbers as we learn them in class. It makes it relevant to them, and after doing the number sheet I put it on the wall. I am awesome at the beginning when I put up the numbers but as we get to the teen numbers, not so much.

The last thing I did was finish putting up my words on my word wall. We have a Pathways to Common Core study group that myself and two other teachers are hosting at the end of the month, so other teachers from around the county will be there, and I of course want my room to look GREAT!!!! BTW this study groups is the hardest I have ever participated in. The book is great, but the words are big and so hard to understand. I think I would do better if I had a thesaurus with me as I read it! No joke, my kindergarten brain does not understand those big words. 

Oh and I have to share our read to self time during January! I am super proud of my kiddos. We started Read to Self on day 1 of kindergarten and this month even though it has been very chaotic, they are doing great! We read for 133 minutes! 

Anyways so there is a few pics from my room and I will leave you with a few pics of our snow!

Sydney and Bree playing in the snow!

Target's parking lot @ 7:00 on a Saturday night!

 And yes I know some of you get a ton more snow than this and don't get out and for that I am sorry! But it is a perk of living in East TN.




I feel your pain! (East Tn. weather, common core, off days = hard to settle!)

Love your ideas! If I was in the study group I would visit you. :)

Amanda Zanchelli

I love the idea of showing "read to self" minutes for each month and counting them with base 10 blocks! What a cute and creative idea! I will definitely need to try that with my first graders!

Learning to the Core

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