Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Currently

I can't believe it's November already. We have already celebrated the 50th day of school, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner it will be January before we know it. Anyways I have sadly been neglecting my little blog with so much other things I have needed to do. My goal is to post at least once a week. Start small and maybe I can do it. I have loads of things to post, but no time to do it. So here is to November.

So we get a fall break super late. But at least we get one. We needed it about 3 weeks ago.

I love Cades Cove. It's just past Gatlinburg, TN in the Smokey Mountains. I went all the time when I was a kid and am hoping to start taking my girls more frequently. You drive through and see deer and sometimes bear, and all kinds of other animals. There are numerous hiking trails and old cabins. It's a really nice place to get away to for a few hours. If you ever get the chance go!

I earned Rising Star in the Visalus company, so now I need to help the people under me help get more people to join the Visalus Challenge. We are helping people get healthy one person at a time. Whether they want to lose weight, gain energy, get more lean muscle, or just to eat healthy for a cheaper price. I love the shakes! 

Skyfm is an online radio station type thing. It has all kinds and genre's of music. I love to put it on during class, and when I am alone in class I can listen to my country and not have to fight my radio to find a signal.

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The Peanut Gallery

I know what you mean about the "should be working on school stuff." I have just had a "nine day weekend" thanks to the terrible Hurricane Sandy, and all of my school stuff has bee put off until today. I am not sure why I always do this to myself! Here's hoping that we both get finished what we need to finish!

Miss Nelson

4 day weekend. Lucky Duck. I promoted Visalus last year but not any more. I do have a friend still doing them. :) Good Luck to you
Stars and Cars !

Lory Robinson

I think it is a job hazard that we always feel a sense of guilt if we aren't working or thinking about school stuff! I so understand . . .
Fun for First
The Robin’s Nest


I know what your thinking but don't feel bad if you are taking some you time... We all deserve it at least one day a weekend (I think 2 days for a 4 day weekend!! lol)



Super cute blog- I am so happy I find you through Farley's Linky. I love finding other kindergarten teacher blogs :) Stop by mine sometime and check it out.

Lauren C

Elizabeth Hodge

I'm right there with ya on needing to work on school stuff...there is just never enough time in the day! lol... Enjoy your long weekend!

I'm your newest follwer! :) Come check out my blog when you can!
Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids


Hello! I found you on Farley's blog! I am also a Tennessee Kindergarten teacher! I am so happy to have found you! I love Cade's Cove. I have been there several times. We try to go up to the Smokies at least once a year. We live about 3 hours away and it is a quick and fun vacation for us. I am your newest follower and would love for you to follow me too! Have a wonderful Fall Break!
Mrs. Janelle

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