Sunday, April 8, 2012

I made it!

Sooooo I am finally on Spring Break! Thursday was wild and crazy! We decided to go ahead with our field trip to a local park to have our egg hunt. On my way to school a fellow teacher called to dicuss if we were going to go or not. It had downpoured through the night, but wasn't raining on the way to school. It was very foggy and rain was headed our way but was suppose to be over prior to our trip. My vote was no cancel it its too wet, but my coworker wanted to go ahead. She had called someone who lived near the park and had found it not to be too wet there. So after LONG discussion we decided to try it. The radar said the rain was moving out of the area by the time we were to leave. So we decides to go and that once we got to the park if it was too wet, parents who had taken off for the day could take their child. We would then return to school and hunt in the gym. As soon as I had called our bus drivers to confirm YES we are still going, I looked outside to find it downpouring! We had parents calling upset to find we were going to still go. Granted I was with them, I did not think we would get to go. But five minutes later,the rain let up. My thinking then changed to ok we will go and the kids will NEVER forget hunting eggs in the mud!
Sure enough it was not muddy thankfully, but VERY WET! Of course the kids had a ball. It ended up being a great day. It warmed up and parents were happy it turned out well. We battled the weather and WON! I know we can probably never do it again but it worked.
We dis our egg hunt a little different this year, typically we ask students to bring 12 eggs. (12 x 78= 936) plus some because some send in more than 12. We have parents toss the eggs and in less than 10 minutes they are ALL found. We hide in a field so no place to really hide. Since it is always over so quickly we decided this year to number the eggs 1-12 and have students find the eggs in numeral order. We started slowly having each child find a 1 freeze and hold it in the air. When all 78 had found a 1 we blew the whistle to find a 2 freeze and hold it up. After that we thought they got the picture and sent them off. Needless to say it took quite awhile for all the kids to find eggs numbered 1-12. After they finished they began helping friends find eggs. It was wonderful. I really think they kids enjoyed it and the parents did too. Except for the water everywhere part;)
After the hunt we ate bag lunches on the walkway path that runs through the park then went to play on everything except the swings it was a huge water puddle! We ended our day with popsicles and loaded the bus back to school!
So on Friday since the hubby was off as well, we went with a group from where he works to hike Max Patch, NC. It is a favorite spots of many Appalachian Trail through hikers because it is a very large flat area on top of the mountain. You get a 360 view of NC and TN. We hike the Max Patch Loop and traveled down the Appalachian Trail a tad to a shelter for lunch. I love reading some of the comments the through hikers leave on the notebooks left in shelters to record bits of their journey. Here is a few of the pics we took!
My Saturday and Sunday were spent with my two little ones hunting eggs and enjoying our time together. Those pics are still on the camera. Will post a few pics of my girls next post. I am looking forward to sleeping till my girls wake me up and playing around the house tomorrow. I need to clean some on the house, but not sure how well that will go.


Ms. Kerri

My fiance is a scout leader and they are backpacking from Max Patch to hot springs later this week. Looks like a pretty place. I'll have to get him to take me back there. We had to have our egg hunt in the classroom because of the ground being too wet. Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Enjoy your week! I know I'm ready for it.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Miss Squirrels

Great idea with numbering!

Going Nutty!

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