Friday, January 27, 2012


I am soooo thrilled it is the weekend. I had a very busy week at work, with a study group meeting on Tuesday, hubby invited me to take Wednesday off with him to go shopping in Pigeon Forge for a hiking backpack,( was super excited to go on into Gatlinburg and get my favorite cashew brittle! LOVE IT!), Thursday was technically suppose to be in two meetings at the same time, for our School Improvement plan. We are a new school, and thus creating a plan from scratch:( I am a chair for the Vision and Purpose section, which is a big deal I have been told!)

So ready to rest and relax this weekend..... one would think so, but no rest for me. I found out yesterday I have my next teacher evaluation next week, so I have to make sure I am prepared for it! And tomorrow I have a ticket to the Kindergarten EXPO! Super excited about it. Then Sunday plan on going to school to straighten my classroom, since I left it a mess today. And I also have to finish my question for the improvement plan. ALL this has to be completed by Thursday!

I am lucky my mom had already asked to watch my girls tomorrow, so that will help a ton! Now if I can just stay off facebook, blogging, and pinterest I should be able to accomplish everything I need to! I can hope anyways. I hope you all get to rest and relax and enjoy your weekend!


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