Sunday, March 24, 2013

Benchmark Literacy

My district is up for a new reading series next year, after careful consideration, the committee chose to go with what they believe will be the best choice for our district over the next six years. 

I have taken the sample my grade level received to dig into. I am LOVING it! It was described to us at a meeting recently as everything we use to back up what we currently use. If you take Comprehension Toolkit for Reading, Words Their Way for word study, and Lucy Calkins Units of Study for writing, you get Benchmark Literacy! 

I am eager to learn more and hopefully, if the board approves, we should have training and receive some of our materials the week after school. So just curious is anyone else familiar with Benchmark Literacy? If so I would LOVE to hear about it. 



Kelly Young

Hey Heather! Your blog is adorable! I have not heard of Benchmark Literacy. We just finished the adoption process too. The committee choose Wonders by McGraw Hill...mainly because the textbook writers served on the committee that came up with the Common Core standards. We haven't had a hard copy to look at by what I found online looks fantastic. Good luck!


My school system just adopted Benchmark for next year. Many of our lower grade teachers are nervous about the transition from Scott Foresman that we've been using the last several years. I have yet to find many online resources, like teacher blogs, that correlate with Benchmark. Do you have any recommendations?

Ashley Doll

How do you currently feel about Benchmark Literacy? My district is looking at it as a possible new ELA resource. I would love to hear how you feel about it now that you have used it in the classroom.

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