Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Festival

This has been one crazy week! I feel like for every one thing I mark off my to-do list, I add two more! Do you ever feel this way. 


Just want to share my favorite thing of the week. Our PTA held a Fall festival this year, the first year we have attempted it! There was a poster contest to promote it and the winning class in the whole school won a pizza party donated by a local pizza shop! With the gazillion things on my to-do list, I chose not to create a poster. It wasn't academic, and I am in the middle of report card testing, fire truck coming to visit from local fire dept, not to mention attempting to teach! 

But...... when all the other teachers in my grade level chose to do a poster I decided I wan't going to be the only one without one. So literally last minute...I made it Thursday after lunch with my kiddos, and it was judged first thing Friday morning.

I drew a tree on a blue poster board and outlined it in green and brown. I let the students take turns using markers to color in the tree. While we were taking turns everyone was drawing a picture of themselves falling. The only colors they were able to use were brown, yellow, red, orange, and green. Then we taped ourselves falling out of the tree. Some were in the tree, some in mid-air, and some already laying on the ground. 

It turned out super cute! I was very excited. Not at all thinking about winning, just that it turned out better than I imagined and the kiddos liked it as well. 

So we put it up and I didn't think nothing else about it! 


We are outside listening to a fireman and looking at one of the fire trucks when one of the other teachers yelled out the door at me. "Mrs. Shelton, your class just won the poster contest!" I was shocked! Very excited, but shocked! I never win anything at school. Sadly we didn't get to hear it over the loud speaker, but I told the kids and they were excited as well. 

So Red Ribbon Week is next, wonder what I could come up with for it! Typically we do a door contest for it. Guess I need to start thinking, or I can do like I did this time and wait till the last minute!


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